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Friday, January 25, 2013

Why won't Gates spend a few more cents (per dose) on non-mercury biocides & shut-up the vaccine detractors?

April 2012
Discussion posted on Pharmaceutical Discussion Group on LI - by Murali Apparaju

I remember trying to promote ProClin (Supelco) as a viable safe non-mercury alternative to Thimerosal (Sigma), both Sigma-Aldrich products for the uninitiated - I've seen that despite obvious interest & some intention, vaccine manufacturers solely surviving from the bulk purchases by the likes of gates foundation continued to use Thimerosal owing to the cost-advantage it offers in a climate of 50% price fall each year… - 7 years hence, I’m wondering if all the noise on autism by Trump motivated Mr. Gates to at least encourage his supplier base to start looking at safer alternatives to Thimerosal albeit at a few cents higher per dose?... if not, why bill?

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