Thursday, July 3, 2014

Take me in, dammit! - a gripe & a request

For the lack of any better term, I christen myself an inafluxer, to mean a nouveau Linkedin author who’s dying to be an influencer but loathe to admit it! (or not..)

Right from the day I have been given the privilege of publishing on LI (no email, just stumbled upon it..) & I grabbed it greedily, I’ve been trying to make sense of what exactly it takes to get the inafluxer articles ‘featured’ on relevant channels.
While I couldn't identify any rationale yet, I observed a probable trend wherein LI;
  • Identifies profiles that could be potential churners of reasonable quality posts on largely generic/ popular issues & ones that could beget a loyal following
  • Invites them to publish on LI with a personalized email; ensure their initial posts get huge viewership, build a quick following & thus compel the new writers to get regular with posts – a clever no-cost approach to develop quality content by utilizing the inherent need of smart, opinionated & communicative individuals to be heard and importantly, to be recognized.
  • Essentially, this appears to me as an "Influencer Seeding Program", assuming that a lot of the current stock of Influencers will soon encounter a writer’s block if not a cramp.
I could be dead-wrong in my hypothesis, but a chap who writes on pharma venture capital, while not even being a VC, doesn't fit the bill perhaps.


PS: yelling apart, I am all willing to be used free & fair - Try me LI, I don't tire easy :-)
DisclaimerThe inafluxer logo is of course fake & has been put together with a harmless & sole intention of enabling this funny (hopefully) rejoinder grab some eyeballs

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