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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Crowdfunding good governance

Like many other educated, emancipated, intelligent, idealistic denizens out there, I too tended to avoid politics and considered the omnipresent, overt & covert culture of politicking the bane of this country – and this till I came across the cleansing potential of the broom and relished the realization that the eye-of-the-storm is the best vantage point for any one claiming to wanting to scrub-out the corrupt political typhoon & that staying on the fringes would have only increased the chances of their getting blown away.

Like many of the aforementioned illuminati, I too was cynical about what these Gandhi-capped, broom-wielding weirdos would achieve in their fanciful war against the high and mighty of the Indian political class – and this till I came across their online campaign to collect funds to fight the elections & the success of this Obama-like model that I never assumed will gain any traction in India.

Crowdfunding models fascinated me always and I’ve been tracking this model of enterprise creation and sporadically touched upon these aspects on my blog. While I can’t really prophesize on whether crowdfunding is indeed the paradigm-shift or is more a tectonic-shift in the entrepreneurial terrain, I’m but all sold on what the broom-wielders have demonstrated, the possibility of crowdfunding clean governance or more appropriately, the possibility of crowdfunding the promise of clean governance.

What kicks me up is the fact that in order to invest in this promising enterprise, I don’t need to be an accredited investor nor comply with the lower and upper limits of individual funding - What warms my cockles is the fact that I don’t need to bother measuring my returns in absolute quantitative terms and yet cherish the qualitative outcome. And what comforts me is the fact that my exit would also mean the exit of a stagnant enterprise & that would pave way for another cycle of funding a promise.

I like change, I love the promise of a change & now I dig crowdfunding the promise of a change.

Like hell, I-am-a-glass-is-half-full guy – Cynics, eat your heart out.

Disclaimers & Disclosures:
  • I have donated Rs.1000/- to AAP, against an email appeal received from Arvind Kejriwal, vide online transaction number 6996652 on 09 May 2013 15:33.
  • Neither I nor any members of my family, friends & acquaintances have contested the recently concluded Delhi elections nor any are members of AAP 

Thursday, January 24, 2013


11th January on FB

Akbar bhai.... meraa bhi ek sawal hain baataan shadab cafe mein chai pe chotti samosa khatey waqat bolney hain, woh baataan camere ke samne kaiku karrain miyaan? panga kaiku lerain phursat mein khali-peeli sarkar sey? 

The mahaul at Nirmal is such that anyone can get into a rhetoric mode, get irrationally impassioned and indulge in senseless bravado....... while some of the allegations, sentiments voiced by Akbar bear a semblence to reality, truth, a lot of it was hyperbole & it would be foolhardy to say the listener would take it all as God's word...... Akbar is no polished politico, he comes across as immature, kiddish...... more than what he said about the infamous 'pandrah minute', more worrying is the way the crowd erupted in cheer & approval of that idiotic posturing........... dimaag khaan bhoolkey phirrain yaaron ye logaan?

Secular India would do good to focus on the funny side of all this & show it to the understanding Muslim population out there which also has a sense of humor... (believe me... there were a few concerned, confused and amused faces right behind the sher-e-deccan :-)...) to me this speech is nothing more than a excitable shahri showing off to the vulnerable dehathi....

(main section is between 48th & 60th minute)

Saturday, January 6, 2007

SadDam(n) execution

I have seen the video on Saddam’s execution...

no special love I have for him, but strangely felt bad...may be because it is tough to see anybody being bumped off like could see the sheer hopelessness in his eyes before his neck broke....or was it because the-one-stubborn-man who thumbed his nose at the self-appointed global top-cop couldn’t hold on much longer…..not sure yet…

while watching, I felt that Saddam surely was thinking of all those people he put to death & of what they felt like seconds before they died... can't really call it remorse but still he surely would have re-visited them mentally & lived their agony for a nano-sec….

I am confused ....I do believe dictators should be dealt with severely so that others get the message loud and clear ...however given the sheer size of war casualties caused by them, (countless examples ranging from Vietnam thro' Iraq..) I wonder what would one call the US president(s)?.... the leaders who are the paragons of democratic virtue within US of A & bloody war-mongers outside?

will these oil-seeking, self-seeking crass creatures getaway with everything they do on the name of global war against terrorism?...the worst they ever seem to face is some blokes pitching tent before their house (White-House) and holding placards.....(they could’ve tried this technique in Iraq…right?....:-)) And yeah what does one say to half the population that seems to actively support their war-crazy President’s misadventures...(of course the rest seem to find the voice of their conscience) – THREE CHEERS FOR CHEAP GAS... perhaps !

ponder this…..Saddam hasn’t been convicted for his wars & war killings against Iran or Kuwait or the Kurdish, he has been convicted of murdering a group of Shiite people supposedly involved in a plan to assassinate him….very intelligent & very convenient….Clearly Bush admin says that it is not wrong to kill people as long as the situation is called WAR… effect saying in-spite of all the thousands killed owing to the countless wars, USA is beyond reproach and beyond judgement...
oil for thought....