Saturday, November 24, 2012

Back with a BLOG!!

It has happened! - the progressive, unavoidable & of course overt monetization of the cyber social space has made me invisible to myself let alone others on my own home page! 

I’ve been noticing that my status updates aren't what they used to be....., LinkedIn hides them on the side-bar, FB sweeps them under the carpet of paid postings & decorates them with weird hyperlinks and Twitter turned into a whimper for all non-celebrities. The marginalization of my thinking on LI is so complete that my comments on the LI Today articles don't show-up on my activity nor I get any email alert for the same! & I'm a bit too old fashioned to spam my way to attention by liking, sharing every crap out there & post remarks against updates & articles on which I neither have an interest nor knowledge on.

Without sounding too narcissistic, I want to admit that I'm none too happy with many of my posts, comments, observations & tweets, thereby much of my perspective that I feel has some merit doesn't get enough eye balls to gather others perspective & thus validate my own.

Hence here I'm again, blogging after a mammoth sabbatical of 66 months! Without being repetitive in this era of information overkill, here I'll try and only recapture some of my social media updates, if not for anything else, as a way of chronicling my own honest thoughts in one place and thus escaping the drudgery of having to go through reams of digital pages before I can find out what I've said earlier in 2010 on LI/ FB/ Twitter.

If in the bargain I get some audience..., hey why not? bring 'em on :-)