Looking at the omnipresent, persistent conflict all around the world and realizing how mostly banal the typically offered justifications are, I am starting to wonder if we (the 'Humanity', if one can still call us that...) are increasingly driven solely by our rights; our entitlements; our privileges; our contributions; our generosity; our (perceived?) sacrifices; our value-addition etc and have all but eliminated through disuse, the need to stop once in a while and mull over our not-so-positive impact on others around us & do a little something about it.
Even as I am ashamed that I haven't ever heard of this till today, I am also happy that I have finally stumbled upon this symbolic yet undeniably noble concept of Micchami Dukkadam, the annual ritual of seeking forgiveness followed by the Jain community.
We perhaps went through a better part of the year mouthing the mandatory go-to-hell's, damn-you's, F/S-you's & an occasional thank you - For a day let's set aside our ego & entitlement and say;
MICCHAMI DUKKADAM - If ever I have offended you in thought, word or deed, even if unknowingly, I seek your forgiveness today