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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Awards: So what if there are some & some win them?

My comment today on the latest blog entry by A VC @

When I'm in a business and I’m courting investors & clients alike all the time, out there if there's one event that has a better brand equity than my new start-up's wet-behind-the-ears name has...., I'd surely want to jump right in & improve my chances of getting that extra nano-sec of attention, exposure and the possible business that could come along - please note my usage of would, could - no guarantees here folks, like in any investment, there's only hope which is not always merely fond...
Surely, self-nomination requires some amount of self-assuredness if not cocksureness...& if the few eyeballs I got when I figured in the nominations turn to lot more when I win - hey, am not complaining - you shouldn't even!