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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Your message bothers me Esther and how....

Should I Bother With Your Message? Persuade Me! on LI by Esther Dyson*1_*1_*1_*1_recentPosts_*1&trk=who_to_follow-b

With all respect to the departed soul, I'm starting to get why Aaron Schwartz decided to end his life...... sender of a message pays on a social network? - Monetizing a few lines as though it were a validated piece of patented intellectual property? – bad enough reason for any cyber-socialist to give-up on hope and die! 

I remember & believe that cyber communities/ DBs started out in a spirit of sharing knowledge, thinking & perspective with whoever displays a similar trait to engage & evolve. If companies like LI & FB monetize this engagement for their own stock valuations, I still understand, particularly seeing how FB is struggling with its sub-par listing & trading post such a hyped-up public issue. What I don't understand is the increasing tribe of self-appointed thought-leaders & experts who believe a mere mail to them deserves a valuation!!!!! – Is it that I should’ve been a citizen of Pandora OR Is this really the most obscene manifestation of assumed self-importance? 

If I have a need that requires me to pay to someone just so that he/she receives my mail in a non-spam folder & for which he/she may not necessarily respond even, I’d think my need itself is ill-articulated &/or illegitimate and the person whom I’m trying to pay to get through to isn’t worth reaching out to after all 

Indeed, a good self-image is important in life..., but gents & ladies extreme self-importance is avoidable - never forget the “Rule Number 6” (