Sunday, March 10, 2013

Modi's WIEF woes & Why I'm pissed!

Not sure who’s pissing me off more…

The holier-than-the-pope trio of desi professors that merrily went about occupying Philly then & now gleefully pulled down the chief guest from his pedestal at a forum that’s neither about social work nor about English literature

The legions of Modi fans overtly smarting from this snubbing of their visionary leader and outlandishly branding Wharton as Islamist and the perpetrators leftist

The WIEF itself, which doesn't seem to have a strategy of identifying and sticking with the chief guest for its annual jamboree, but nonetheless goes ahead professing to stimulate an energetic dialogue between India's current and future industry leaders and policymakers.

I myself, with my frustrating indecision on where my sympathies largely lie!