Saturday, January 26, 2013

NRAchists in gun-afflicted america....

December 2012

My comment on a LinkedIn article on need for Gun Control in USA, I only see the comments now, no article!!, still an interesting read...

As per the chart, USA has ~90 guns for every 100 people. Despite this startling fact, I still see many below demanding a more scientific & non-discriminatory analysis rather than brooding over the above fact. - know what, to hell with more stats.... it is probability! - the probability of a gun being used is directly proportional to the number of guns that are available for use........ stop kidding yourselves gents & ladies, face it instead & save the kids.

Caste, gender & slur - Quite an explosive cocktail!! :-)

01 March 2009

Wow, this repro' is a dinosaur, way back from 2009!!! - my comment below was on a real flamer of a topic that was originally posted in November 2007 & still going strong with 983 comments amounting to terabytes of sane words & insane rhetoric. I don't want to be another blogger to do the same mistake & hence have disabled comments on this - If you have a compulsive impulse to add to Uday's woes, post your comments on the original site below - cheers, V

My observations on the original post (rather on the content of Brahmin Ponnu’s statements) – to keep it simple, I will assume she’s indeed a brahmin ponnu & the feelings indeed are true…

“Familiarity breeds contempt – Over exposure to a certain kind makes one nauseated – the insider knowledge causing prejudice”
  •  Doesn’t this happen in your company, aren’t the insiders the last choice for the new post created & don’t outsiders look eminently more attractive than insiders to the management – this is a similar syndrome.

“Choice of mate instincts keeps changing with age..”
  •  At college I’m sure the lure is of big talking, macho & adventurous guys – which an average brahmin male may not demonstrate owing to upbringing.. PHYSICAL & SOCIAL QUALITIES COUNT WHEN ONE IS LOOKING FOR A PRINCE ON THE WHITE HORSE TO TAKE YOU ON A DATE – SWEEP YOU AWAY?….FOREVER?….. THINK AGAIN…
  • 5 years down the line, I’m sure ponnu would settle for a Bay area techie in favour of the college stud who may not have settled as well & earning that well – MONEY COUNTS WHEN YOU ARE LOOKING TO MARRY

“The lady’s comments are possibly reflecting the general liberation of minds in either sexes in this modern age…”
  •  Perhaps an indication of a growing & general reluctance to accept limitations in partners & aversion to compromise.
  • May be polygamy/ multiple partners is making a come-back… (check out the Axe Deo ad where mixing makes babes better….:-))
  • Perhaps, the ever increasing domination of “I” over anything else

“Brahmin men caught in a time-warp? – starting to live the stereotypes showcased by society, films??
  • Someone said this before, buck-up guys, change, work-out, change your attitude to looks, you have the basics in place, all you need to do is polish the stuff..
  • Forget about the simplicity your grandfather so believed in — he was in a different era… re-package your body, spirit, get attractive to the opposite sex…
  • I’m sure those who have done/ doing this already see the results, non-brahmin girls falling for them & yearning for them… (all the above applies still to these wide-eyed wonders, grass is greener on the other side of the fence)
  • finally it’s an appraisal, part-true, part-crap —- well…take some good out of it…. emerge better… don’t justify & get labelled more harshly…

all the best…