Wednesday, March 4, 2015

#TheDress gave me #EcomStress

White n gold?
.....I tentatively responded when my sister shared the now viral picture of #TheDress. I soon realized I was the odd ducky (in my sister's words..) in a family/ gene-pool that firmly stood behind the blue n black verdict.
It wasn't the dearth of any other more-pressing topics to deal with (like my brand new car's freshly smashed front bumper) but I too rapidly contracted this abundant online virus and embarked upon a quest to prove to myself (and to my sis’ n others...) the correctness of MY color perception, only to realize that I'm barking up the wrong tree this time around - National GeographicDailymailWiredScienceDirect all said the same… damn! No amount of coaxing could make my retina change its perspective nor my brain it's opinion.
Even as I started bothering myself less and less about what made my brain/ retina perceive the blue as white & black as gold & made me a color-duh, I decided I will never ever trust myself again with online purchase of clothes.
Amazon, the loss is yours and yeah do blame Facebook & Google for it!