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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pfizer Venture Investments (PVI) - a quick analysis of portfolio companies, categories

Trying to understand the driving factors behind the trends of life science investments in 2012, I was wondering if VC & CVCs behave differently or if one determines the trend & other follows it largely - which I realize is putting it too simplistically and perhaps the VC operates as one organism.

However, I believe that, with the genericization troubles looming large, the big pharma started to rationalize the product development strategies by taking into account parameters which hitherto were not given a serious thought.... foremost of which I'd guess is consumer behavior - This new diligence I expect will translate into the way big pharma CVCs have been building their portfolios over past 3+ years. 

Based on this premise, I tried to analyse the PVI portfolio & see if the data throws-up any tangible trend. Since I was unable to find the exact value of the funding in most cases (the funding rounds involved more than one VC, hence), I stayed with number of investments & hopefully the trend will still make some sense; 

A snap-shot of investment across innovation categories:

Some trends:

  • Medical Diagnostic investments equal Drug Discovery numbers (& not in all cases it is merely companion diagnostics related investment)
  • Enthusiasm for Medical devices & equipment is much lower than the overall average in 2012 (~50%) - However this I feel is still significant, as logic says a medcines company would be more interested drugs than devices
  • Interesting appearance of investments into companies that'd contribute to research /business/ operational advantages for the investing big pharma - surely pro-logical, but interesting nonetheless & showcases the emerging realities in sustaining business
  • Drug discovery at 30% only marginally higher than the 23% overall in 2012

Within the drug discovery investment, the innovation sub-categories point to a definite preference to go after platform technologies that'd generate leads in multiple therapeutic domains/ indications;

Overall, very interesting & I will hopefully continue this line of thought with another post or two.